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The Argentine Dogo is a large (80-100 lbs), white rare breed of dog that is also known as the Dogo Argentino or the Argentinian Mastiff.  As its namesake obviously states, the breed originated in Argentina where it was used to hunt big game (often boar and puma).  When the Dogo breed was being created, it was a goal to create a large dog that could hunt in packs.

Photo by JSforza

Argentine Dogos may have natural or cropped ears.  The Dogo pup in the photo above has natural ears.  This breed is slow to mature, with females reaching full size around 2 years of age and males at 3 years of age.  The Dogo’s light color can lead the breed to be prone to sunburn.  Owners of this breed need to take this into account on very bright days.

Photo by Mauro Gatti

Argentine Dogos are not a breed for the novice dog owner – they are a *lot* of dog.  While they can be wonderful companions, they absolutely need an active lifestyle.  Daily walks are not enough to keep this muscular breed physically and mentally stimulated.  Without an outlet for excess energy, this breed will become destructive and prone to barking issues.

Photo by The Life of the Mind

Argentine Dogos are a naturally protective breed and will be able to discern if they need to defend their owners or home (as they are extremely loving and loyal to “their” people).  In order to have a safe and handleable dog, Dogo puppies must be extensively socialized with all kinds of people from an early age.  These dogs can try to “rule the roost” and have a stubborn streak.  Consistency is key in raising a Dogo; the breed responds well to creative, positive reinforcement.

Photo by ItSheKnits

Argentine Dogos should be able to get along with other dogs, as long as those other dogs don’t try to assert dominance over the Dogo.  It is important to socialize your Dogo with many dogs  from a young age. In the photo above a Dogo plays with a Cane Corso.
While some Dogos can and do live peacefully with cats and other small animals, this breed has a very strong prey drive and often can’t be trusted not to harm them.

Photo by thecalkins

While Dogos are generally a healthy breed they can be prone to hip dysplasia.  Reputable breeders will have hips screened.  Also 10% of this breed are born deaf.

Photo by thecalkins

If you have experience with large breeds and live an active lifestyle, the Dogo might be a good choice for you!  These dogs have been known to excel in tracking, search and rescue, police work, and Schutzhund.  A busy Dogo is a content Dogo!

Photo by hffisher

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