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This adult Akita has a calm look in this picture.  The American Akita (also just called the Akita) and the Akita Inu are two separate breeds (they became so in 2005).  Both originated in Japan.

Photo by Feral Indeed!

The Akita’s thick coat makes it an ideal companion for outdoor activities during colder weather, as seen in this image.  During the summer months, backpacking would be out of the question for an Akita.

Photo by UTroorat

This 3 month old Akita pup has a lot of growing to do!  The average mature Akita weighs between 70 and 130 lbs!

Photo by Per_Ardua

Akitas are naturally dominant by nature and will be happy being the only dog in the household or one of two dogs if they are introduced carefully or ideally at a young age.

Photo by hearman

Akitas are natural guard dogs.  They have a keen sense of smell and hearing and are protective of their families.  They are not barkers, but will alert their owners to danger.

Photo by Explo

Due to their dominant nature, socialization is an absolute necessity for a young Akita.  However as seen in the pic above, the Akita puppy seems to have more to be concerned about with the Chihuahua on the loose!

Photo by Rockies

Despite their large size, Akitas are content to live in an apartment setting and do well with a couple of decent walks per day.

Photo by daisylike

Akitas are a very clever and intelligent breed.  This means they can quickly become bored with repetitive training methods.  They are not recommended for first time dog owners as they can easily become “too much dog” as they mature.

Photo by edshull

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    the akitas are so cute expecually the babys

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