Affenpinscher Photo Gallery – Pictures Of Affenpinschers!

Affenpinschers are known to be “big dogs in little bodies”. They are bold and have been known to take on dogs many times their size

Photo by ratexla

The Affenpincher in the image above may be thinking he could take on that elephant!

Photo by MHAMWill

Affenpinchers are active little dogs and enjoy daily walks as well as indoor play.  This breed is sensitive to heat and should be kept indoors during extreme weather.

Photo by TheDogCatcher

Affenpinschers have a stubborn streak and are quite independant.  Consistancy is a must when training these little dogs.

Photo by jimiyoung

Affenpinschers can be barkers, though the one in the photo above looks quite peacful and quiet!  This breed can generally live peacefully with other dogs if they are properly introduced.

Photo by affenmonkers

An Affenpinscher’s wirey coat should be combed out weekly.  This breed is extremely low shedding.

Photo by Affen lover

This Affenpincher looks quite unhappy about the bath it just received!  Poor Pup!

Photo by Rhibot

Curiosity is a trait of every well-bred Affen.  This one is pretending he is a statue.

Photo by Rupert Affen

Though Affenpinschers take themsevles very seriously, it’s very hard not to smile at the pup in the image above!

Photo by affenmonkers

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