Designer Dogs & Breed Standards

Designer dogs are all the rage. You can’t open a newspaper classified section without seeing countless ads for “Poo” breeds. Yorkie-Poo's, Malti- Poo’s, Poma- Poo’s. While these cute and fancy names may strike a chord with those who are not informed, all the labels do is provide a different name for a mixed breed dog. Yes, all of these “designer dogs” are mutts. While some people may find these particular crosses more desirable than other crossbreedings (lets say the one between the neighbors lab and that curly-haired dirty dog from down the street), officially, they are no more than mutts with fancy names.

In order to actually create a new breed out of one of these “designer dogs” a standard would have to be set by a group of breeders; meaning they would have to come together to decide what an ideal “Yorkie-Poo” would look like (other than a cross between a Yorkie and a Poodle). There would also have to be consistency in the breedings of this type of cross, meaning the puppies would all have to start to appear the same size and have standardized colors. This has yet to happen with any of the designer breeds.

Some breeders of “Designer Dogs” will say that owners are getting the best of both worlds when they purchase one of their dogs. Meaning the dog is going to exhibit the best traits of both breeds, however genetics don’t always work that way. Some Peeka-Poos might fit the description of both a Pekingese and a Poodle, but many won’t. No “designer dog” breeder can pick and choose what characteristics are passed on from puppies parents because when you cross two breeds the genetic personality traits that are inherited are unpredictable. The puppy could possibly end up with the worst traits of both of its breeds. Selective breeding is the way that responsible breeders obtain certain traits. This involves removing dogs with undesirable personality issues from the breeding program and working towards consistency so the traits occur on a regular basis.

While we have no doubt that these “Designer Dogs” make wonderful pets, we also believe that you would be able to find just as wonderful a pet at your local shelter where you can make up your own fancy name for him or her (at a fraction of the cost!). You’ll also be saving a life at the same time.


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