The Collie!

The Collie first skyrocketed to fame through the tv show and movie “Lassie”. It has a lean head and a chiseled face and the muzzle is smooth and well-rounded. The ears are upright and the eyes are dark (with the exception of blue merles). The body is longer than it is tall and is lean and muscular and the chest is strong. The color of the Collie’s coat ranges from sable, white, black, and tri-color. Collie's are well known for their intelligence and strong herding abilities.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12 – 15 years

Energy Level:
Higher than average..

Living Conditions:
Sensitive to heat. Needs yard to play.

Above average

Exercise Needs:
Off leash running opportunities.

Breed Group:


20 – 24 inches

50 – 70 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
White, sable, tan, blue merle, with tan shadings

National breed club:
The Collie Club of America

Collie Skills

The rough-coated Collie is descended from herd dogs that are known to be dedicated and hard-working. Although it was virtually unknown outside of Scotland for centuries, they were used in Scotland as guard dogs and shepherding dogs, a skill they have kept until modern times. They are also used as water rescue dogs. Queen Victoria was known to have kept some Collies in Balmoral Castle and sparked interest in the breed, especially with the upper-class. Today, the smooth-coated collie is a great companion dog in the UK and is quickly gaining popularity in the US.

Collie Personality

The Collie is known to be friendly and intelligent. They have a merry disposition and will get on well with other dogs and animals living in the household. The Collie bonds closely with its family and is an excellent companion for children. They are also very protective of the home and its environment although friends of the family will be welcomed.

Exercise Needs

Both rough-coated and smooth-coated Collies will need plenty of exercise, and if owners can let them off their leash, so much the better. Just be careful when to slip off the leash; Collies are known to round up people and other animals so beware! They do not exhibit aggressive behavior, though.

Living Conditions

The Collie will adapt well to apartment living if there is a yard for it to play and exercise in. The Collie is also sensitive to heat; when it is outside make sure to provide enough shade and water.

Grooming Requirements

Grooming for the rough-coated Collie should be regular as it is known to shed dirt easily. Standard combing or brushing once a week will keep its abundant coat in tip-top condition and prevent it from matting. Grooming for the smooth-coated Collie is less demanding; just brush through its coat to remove dead hair. The breed is known to shed twice a year.

Health Issues

The Collie is generally a healthy breed, although owners and breeders should look out for skin problems, eye infections, and hip problems that may lead to lameness in the future. The Collie as a breed is also more prone to oral problems, so make sure that the teeth is checked regularly.

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