The Clumber Spaniel!

The Clumber Spaniel is a dog that is well-balanced and strongly-boned for its massive size. It was originally bred by the French nobility for doing field work. It is a gentle, loving and loyal dog. Its head is square and its chest is wide and deep. The eyes are dark and deep-set and the ears are large. The coat of the Clumber Spaniel is silky, straight, and thick and comes in a white color with orange/lemon markings.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
11 -14 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Fine for apartments.


Exercise Needs:
Long daily walk and yard play.

Breed Group:


16 – 20 inches

65 – 80 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
White, orange and lemon markings

National breed club:
The Clumber Spaniel Club of America

Clumber Spaniel Skills

The Clumber Spaniel traces its origins in France, where it was developed by the French nobility and aristocracy during the 18th century for field work. The Clumber Spaniel is thought to have been named indirectly by the 1788 painting by F. Wheatley, where a similar-looking dog is painted with the Duke of Newcastle in Clumber Park. Soon after, the aristocracy in Great Britain followed the French, where King George V was known as an avid fan of the Clumber Spaniel, developing show champions. Its popularity declined in the later years and rose yet again due to the efforts of enthusiasts. Today, they are popular in dog shows and in the field.

Clumber Spaniel Personality

The Clumber Spaniel is a gentle, playful, and affectionate dog. It is a perfect companion dog for children. It is loyal to its owner and family and has the personality of wanting to please. The Clumber Spaniel is also intelligent and can be independent and aloof with strangers, although spending enough time with them will lower the Spaniel’s guard.

Exercise Needs

The Clumber Spaniel was originally bred as a working dog in the field and therefore will need a lot of exercise to keep fit. Brisk daily walks outside the home and romps inside the yard will be enough but watch its food intake as it can get overweight easily. Be careful not to over-exercise the Clumber Spaniel while still a young puppy to avoid joint problems.

Living Conditions

An apartment will be fine with the Clumber Spaniel as they are not really active indoors. If the apartment has a small yard, so much the better.

Grooming Requirements

Grooming is not too much of a task with the Clumber Spaniel, although as a breed they are known to shed heavily. Owners will need to comb and brush its coat at least once a week to keep its shine and have it trimmed every two months.

Health Issues

The Clumber Spaniel is known for having problems with its joints (hip dysplasia) and its eyes (dry eyes, cataracts, entropion, etc.)

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Clumber Spaniel


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