The Chinese Crested!

The Chinese Crested is an excellent family dog that is intelligent, isn't prone to outbursts of energy, and especially the hairless variety can be quite the conversation piece. It has two varieties – the hairless breed that only has hair on its head, tail and feet, and the “powder-puff” breed that has a long coat. Their body size can range from small to medium and they have a long muzzle, a wide skull, dark eyes, and large ears. Both varieties come in a large number of colors whether solid, spotted, or mixed.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
10-14 years

Energy Level:
Below average

Living Conditions:
Great apartment dog. Hairless variety is sensitive to sunlight and cold climates.

Below average.

Exercise Needs:
Daily 30 minute walk.

Breed Group:


9 – 13 inches

8 – 24 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Any solid color, mixed, spotted

National breed club:
The American Chinese Crested Club

Chinese Crested Skills

The Chinese Crested can be traced back to Africa, although other sources say they were originally found in China in the 13th century. In Africa, they were known as African hairless terriers. They were first introduced in Europe and America in the 1800s through Chinese trading ships; it was on the ships that they were first given the name “Chinese Crested”. The Chinese Crested have only been given breed status recently and is still considered a rare breed today.

Chinese Crested Personality

The Chinese Crested makes for a great family dog and is also very sweet and even-tempered with children, although family members must take care to protect the Chinese Crested during play as it has no coat protection. They make for an entertaining companion pet at home and are also very lively and intelligent. As with other dog breeds, they need to be socialized well at a young age in order to adapt with humans and pets.

Exercise Needs

The exercise requirements for the Chinese Crested are moderate; they are not a high-energy breed, and a solid walk and some romps in the garden will be enough for them.

Living Conditions

The Chinese Crested is a good breed for apartment life as they are not really active indoors. The hairless variety is not suited to colder climates; if they are out in cold weather, they must wear a sweater.

Grooming Requirements

Grooming for the hairless Chinese Crested is very minimal; owners will need to bathe this breed frequently and take care of its skin by putting on sunscreen. If the hairless Chinese Crested is left out in the sun for some time, it may get dirty and sweaty. The powder puff Chinese Crested will need a little more care in grooming, such as brushing its undercoat.

Health Issues

The hairless Chinese Crested has a few inherited health problems, including the possible loss of teeth in adulthood. Owners also need to watch out for luxating patellas and skin issues. The powder puff Chinese Crested are not known for having major inherited health issues.

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