The Cesky Terrier!

The Cesky Terrier is a short-legged, long-bodied dog with a shaggy coat. Its facial area is considerably bushy, including its eyebrows, mustache, and beard. Although they have a long body, it is not heavy. The head, while long, is not overly so. The ears are triangular in shape and are close to the head. The tail is undocked.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-15 years

Energy Level:
Lowest of the terrier breeds.

Living Conditions:
Great apartment dog.

Lower than average.

Exercise Needs:
Daily walk.

Breed Group:


10 – 12 inches

13 – 22 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Shades of gray (platinum), light brown

National breed club:
The National Cesky Terrier Club of America

Cesky Terrier Skills

The Cesky Terrier was first bred and developed by Dr. Frantisek Horak from the Czech Republic by crossing the Scottish Terrier and the Sealyham in the 1930s. He wanted a breed of dog that could adapt well to dog shows, family life, and pack hunting. He spent over two decades cross-breeding until the best examples of the Cesky Terriers came about in the 1950s. They can trace their ancestry to the first Sealyham and Scottish Terrier. Although bred as a hunting dog, Cesky Terriers today are mostly known in the United States as pets or show dogs.

Cesky Terrier Personality

The Central Asian Shepherd dog is nowhere near as fierce and aggressive as the Caucasian Ovcharka. It is known for its calm and fearless demeanor toward its family. As guard dogs, they are naturally suspicious of strangers and have also been known to dominate other dogs of different breeds when they are taken outside the house. Inside, however, the Central Asian Shepherd dog gets on well with other animals such as cats and other dogs. They must be taught to socialize from a young age, however, in order for it to feel comfortable around others.

Exercise Needs

The Cesky Terrier only needs moderate daily exercise such as long walks and romps with children. They love the outdoors very much, so make sure that the Cesky Terrier spends extended periods there.

Living Conditions

The Cesky Terrier does not move around a lot, so a small apartment will be good for them. A yard will give them a place to play in, although they can live without one.

Grooming Requirements

Grooming a Cesky Terrier will involve a lot of periodic grooming as it is normally raised as a show dog. Comb and brush its coat every few days and go for trimming every other month. It does not shed.

Health Issues

There are no known hereditary issues with the Cesky Terrier, although though are prone to eye problems that are known to other terriers. If they get overweight, it can also cause some back problems.

If you liked this dog…

As the Cesky Terrier is mainly a show dog, you might consider another show dog in the same Terrier line, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier. They share many physical characteristics such as the long body and the short legs.

cesky terrier


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