old english sheepdog  

Old English Sheepdog

A robust yet easygoing, compact, balanced dog, a marked characteristic of the Old English Sheepdog is its gait, which is quite like the shuffle of a bear. The Old English Sheepdog has over 150 years history, believed to be developed in the west of England, yet still rather uncommon . It is one of the well-loved breeds, and was even featured in Disney's The Little Mermaid, as Prince Eric's faithful companion. The breed’s intelligence is great and exhibits deep devotion to his friends and will bark at any unusual occurrence.




The Otterhound is an old British breed, with Bloodhound ancestors in its background, and is in turn one of the ancestors of the Airedale Terrier. There are fewer than 1000 Otterhounds world wide. This is a large, strong breed with a hard, crisp and close coat, oily in nature that can withstand any amount of immersion in water. It is a peer among swimmers, its progress through the water being aided greatly by its webbed feet. Otterhounds are affectionate but don't demand attention all the time. While Otterhounds can be good with kids, a young Otterhound is big and likely to be klutzy and may not be the best companion for a wobbly toddler or a frail elderly person.



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