labrador retriever  

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has several versions – Black, Yellow, Chocolate, and Silver – depending on the coat color. Whichever color, this breed has a short, dense, low-maintenance, and water-resistant double coat. This large breed is sturdy and muscular. Furthermore, it is intelligent, responsible, and protective that it is often employed to guide the blind and other persons with disabilities. In fact, it was once tagged as St. John’s Dog. This canine is also fondly called as the Lab. It is, if not, among the most popular (and highly valuable) breeds in the US, UK, and many parts of the world.


lagotto romagnolo  

Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a small to medium sized dog characterized by its well proportioned body that is covered by a thick, dense, profusely curly coat. The coat originally protected the cuddly canine from thorny shrubs and bushes when it worked as a hunter of truffles. This early occupation earned him the moniker “Truffle Dog”. Their ears are triangular in shape with oddly rounded tips and they have big and round eyes that make them more appealing as they resemble teddy bears.


lakeland terrier  

Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier is one dog that, if it weren’t for its breathing or any sign of movement, could be mistaken for a stuff toy. It exudes a wonderful combination of smart, spunky and elegant look. Its elongated head has a bushy hair on the foreface, V-shaped ears that are folded, eyes that are dark or hazel, and a nose that is dark. Its hairy legs are strong-boned and upright, it stands as if on toes. Its coat comes in several combinations – black, black and tan, reddish, red grizzle, wheat, liver and blue, tan and grizzle, etc. This coat is wiry and hard on the outer layer, but is soft in the inner layer. It has a tail that is upright and set on the back.


lancashire heeler  

Lancashire Heeler

It is said that when the Welsh Corgi and the Manchester Terrier were bred, the resulting offspring was the Lancashire Heeler. The Lancashire Heeler, also called the Ormskirk Heeler, is a distinctly black and tan colored dog that is set low to the ground. Their legs are short, their paws turned slightly outward. The coat of the Lancashire Heeler is plush during winter, and sleek and shiny during the summer. These dogs are very similar to terriers in personality.




One of the distinct characteristics of a leonberger is its black mask – usually up to the eye area or just above the eyes. However, it never completely fills the entire head. To match its famous black mask, the nose and lips are also of the same color. This breed is generally very large. The skull is somewhat shaped like a dome with warm, affectionate brown eyes, giving off a gentle, somber expression. The ears are hanging and just the right size. The tail is set low and usually thick, reaching at least the hocks. Its feet have black pads and webbing between the toes to help in swimming.


lhasa apso  

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a handsome dog and is also known as the Lhasa Terrier. It is a small dog with a rich, long, straight, and silky fur that gives it a darling and graceful appearance. This double coat drapes over its entire body down the floor, and over its face including eyes thus giving it a truly charming shaggy appearance. Interestingly, this coat changes color as it ages. The colors range from gold, cream, and honey to smoke, dark grizzle, slate, and a combination of brown, white and black. The often concealed eyes are small, dark, and deep-set. Its nose is black; its ears hanging and heavily feathered.




The Lowchen breed has been known as the Little Lion Dog or Petite Chien Lion. It is a small compact dog with a well proportioned body. It has a short head, which is characteristically wide, as well as a tail that is set high in a “cup handle” position as it walks. Its eyes are dark and round, nose is black or brown, and ears are moderately long with fringe. Its coat gives it a cuddly appearance – dense, soft, slightly wave, and comes in any colors. When Lowchen puppies are born in solid black color, they will soon transform into other color/s after a few days.



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