Japanese Spaniel  

Japanese Spaniel

This dog has a very elegant, high-stepping gait. Their fashionably feathered tail curls up over their backs. They are almost as long as they are tall, with straight, front legs that are impressively fine-boned. Their upside-down, v-shaped ears are well-covered with hair. This breed, also called the Japanese Chin, has a thick ruff that covers the neck and chest area. This dainty little spaniel has a broad face with softly feathered coat. They have short, broad faces, round foreheads, and a well-defined stop. Their coat markings usually match their nose color. For example, a black and white Japanese Spaniel is expected to have a black nose. They have a really short nasal canal with a wide nose and open nostrils. Their protruding eyes are dark, expressive, and almond-shaped.





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