The Harrier

The Harrier is a hunting dog that looks like a small English foxhound. The head is in proportion to the over-all dog. It has low-set hanging ears which are broad at the base that come to a rounded point and medium sized eyes that are set well apart. It has a long curved upright tail and a neck that is likewise long and strong with no excess skin. Its short coat is thick, hard and glossy. Movement shows perfect coordination between front and hind legs. Its physique is muscular, built with large bone for stamina and strength. It was developed from several different hounds in England. Its name reveals its specialty-the hare. It was considered the poor man’s alternative to foxhounds which were used by the upper class in their practice of hunting with packs of dogs.




Havanese have solid black eye rims, nose, and lips, with dark eyes and long tail covered in silky hair. They have a unique, lively and springy gait which reflects this breed’s happy character. Despite being a small breed, it is very sturdy. They are not fragile nor overdone. They make are quite brave and make very good watchdogs.





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