The Bracco Italiano!

The Bracco Italiano is a breed of noble appearance, a powerful and well-shaped hunting dog with a short, dense coat. It has a head that is shaped distinctively and jowls that put into mind the basset and the bloodhound. Its deep chest and well-muscled legs gives a hint to its strength and agility and its overall body appearance gives off a square shape. The Bracco Italiano is a great dual-purpose family and working dog.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
11-14 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Not for apartments.


Exercise Needs:
Daily walks, runs, and leash-free romps

Breed Group:


22-26 inches

50-85 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Orange and white, chestnut, roan, amber

National breed club:
North American Bracco Italiano Club

Bracco Italiano Skills

The Bracco Italiano is a breed noted for its ancient history, having been covered in paintings that date back to 4th century B.C. Its canine ancestors are commonly thought to have been bred from crossing a mastiff and an Egyptian coursing hound. It was only during the 1700s that Italians thought to develop the Bracco Italiano as a dog for hunt, tracking, and sport, skills they have kept until the present day. They were used to trap game into the nets of hunters long before guns were used to hunt down game. Today, they are known as field sport dogs and make use of their superior scenting ability.

Bracco Italiano Personality

The Bracco Italiano is known as a breed that is loyal, faithful, and intelligent. It is not overly rambunctious and is affectionate and gentle, belying its powerful appearance. They fit the idea of being dual-type dogs, being a family and working dog all in one and they fully mature at the age of two and a half. Older children will bond well with the Bracco Italiano and they adapt well with other dogs. They are not recommended for the first-time dog owner, however.

Exercise Needs

The Bracco Italiano is a dog bred straight from the country; therefore, it needs daily exercise consisting of walks, runs, and general romps with children. Owners should target at least two hours of daily exercise. The Bracco Italiano also loves to swim.

Living Conditions

The Bracco Italiano is not a breed that should be set in apartment living. Its boundless energy requires a large yard for them to play and exercise in.

Grooming Requirements

The Bracco Italiano's coat is smooth and short. There is no need for professional grooming. Get rid of loose hairs by using a grooming mitt from time to time. Make sure its ears are cleaned regularly.

Health Issues

The Bracco Italiano is prone to bloat, so make sure to feed it properly and with enough amounts of nutrition. Take note of eye problems and also hip dysplasia. Its ears are also sensitive.

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bracco italiano


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