The Bluetick Coonhound!

The Bluetick coonhound belongs to the same bloodline as the Black and Tan coonhound and has some physical characteristics in common. Its coat is rough, short, and dense and is unique in the sense that it is a tricolor coat with blue mottling. The Bluetick coonhound has a heavily-muscled, deep-chested body with strong legs and well-arched feet and has long ears. It also has exceptional eyesight during the nighttime, which allows it to hunt better.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
9-12 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Not for apartments. Needs outdoor area.


Exercise Needs:
Daily 40 minute walk.

Breed Group:


23-30 inches

50– 80 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Mottled blue, with black and tan accents

National breed club:
American Blue Gascon Hound Association

Bluetick Coonhound Skills

The Bluetick Coonhound was bred by crossing French hounds, foxhounds, curs, and English coonhounds. Their ancestors, brought over to America, were considered too slow by American hunters to be brought along the trail, but when cross-bred with American hounds, their hunting abilities increased significantly. It was in 1945, however, that the Bluetick coonhound broke away entirely from the English hounds in order to develop a reputation for their breed on their own, even if they weren't as skilled in hunting and sport. Its skill is in cold hunting and is known for its endurance while on the trail.

Bluetick Coonhound Personality

The Bluetick coonhound makes for an excellent family pet or companion dog and shares a lot of characteristics with the Black and Tan coonhound. Despite having been originally bred for sport and hunt, they are in general very friendly, genial, and attentive. It is highly intelligent and still makes uses of its skill in hunting, much like the Black and Tan coonhound.

Exercise Needs

Daily walks and runs are recommended with the Bluetick coonhound. If there is a safe or fenced-in area near you, feel free to unleash the hound.

Living Conditions

Like the other breeds in its family, the Bluetick coonhound will not thrive in a small apartment. It needs a large area to play and exercise in; it is wise to keep the dog in a safe or well-fenced area as it has a tendency to follow a new and interesting scent.

Grooming Requirements

Like the Black and Tan coonhound, the Bluetick coonhound does not require overly fussy grooming. Make sure its coat is regularly brushed and its ears checked for infections.

Health Issues

The Bluetick coonhound is a relatively healthy breed but keep an eye out for eye problems, hip dysplasia, bloating, hypothyroidism, and luxating patellas.

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Bluetick coonhound


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