About Dan


Dan is the captain of The Dog Guide ship. He lives in the lovely city of Philadelphia and shares his home with quite a few four-legged companions: Reef, a 8 year old pit bull terrier; Norman, a 5 yo. rescued Persian; Smoky, the distinguished 18 yo. cat; Newton, the youngest kitty of the bunch; and Lucian, a 2 year old Dogue de Bordeaux (the newest addition); plus an ever-fluctuating number of rats. Besides being a dog aficionado, Dan is also a fancy rat breeder (and quite a good one!).

Dan works for Philapets, one of the largest and most well-established pet care companies in Philadelphia – he basically spends his days caring for dogs of all shapes and sizes. (as well as writing for The Dog Guide!) Dan grew up surrounded by animals, and now structures his professional life around animal care as well. He is a veterinary technician with experience in various clinical settings and a background in behavioral modification. He spends his evenings helping owners form more fulfilling relationships with their canine companions!