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Halloween Treats For Your Pooch – Apple Goodie Recipe!

October 31st, 2008

Since I’ve told you what your dog shouldn’t consume this Halloween, I figure it’s only fair to provide you with a healthy snack that you can bake at home! Follow this simple recipe that your dog will love for some Apple Goodies! 2 Cups Flour 1 t baking powder 2 t cinnamon 1/2 cup Olive […]

Product Review: “Pecks” Dog Treats

September 23rd, 2008

Pecks dog treats are made by The Honest Kitchen – one of my favorite companies out there these days! As the label says on these treats they are “completely natural and are 100% human edible, but we baked them for your dog to eat – not you!”. Pecks are tiny little crunchy treats that will […]

Fruits and Veggies As Treats – A List Of Healthy Snacks For Your Dog.

September 4th, 2008

My dogs love bananas. In fact, if I am peeling a banana, they rush up to me and sit, thinking it is automatically for them. If a banana gets too ripe in our household, it goes into their breakfast – the same goes for a tomato if we have an extra or a handful of […]

Product Review: Dogswell Happy Heart Chicken Treats

September 3rd, 2008

With all this treat testing, Lucian has grown quite picky. He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t these days. When I tell the dogs “Go to your room” – they both run in and wait for their treat. If I want to test out a treat for review, I’ll hand Lucian one (Reef […]

Classic Dog Article: Treats As A Training Tool

September 1st, 2008

Some new dog owners wonder if there is a proper way to use treats during training. This weeks classic dog article answers that question! This small article fills you in on what kind of treats you should use (and what you should avoid) and when and how they should be used during training sessions with […]

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