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Dog Video Of The Day: Time To Come In!

March 17th, 2010

This 8-month-old Pit Bull pup has decided it’s time to come inside….

Dog Photo Of The Day: BORED!

February 7th, 2010

Keely, the Pit Bull, is over having her photo taken! Photo by Sit. Stay. Run.

Dog Video Of The Day: Sneak Attack!

February 5th, 2010

Max the cat hides in what looks like a seemingly innocent box of packing peanuts, waiting for Sharky the Pit Bull to come in for a sniff….

Dog Photo Of The Day: A “Scary” Crew!

January 30th, 2010

Most of the big, scary dogs out there are absolute loves! Photo by Truffle@StAndrews

Dog Video Of The Day: Handsome Dan – Ex-Vick Dog

January 3rd, 2010

Check out Handsome Dan, he’s a rescued Vick dog who’s been living in Dogtown at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Here’s a clip where you can see some of the progress he’s been making!

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