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Is Your Dog A Hot Weather Dog?

August 9th, 2007

With the hot days of August continuing to blaze down upon us, we just wanted to remind the dogguide readers to keep cool! Please keep exercise to a minimum during hot weather and limit walks to early morning and evening hours, when the sun is not up. Bracheocephalic dogs (those with shortened muzzles) are at […]

Ask The Dog Guide: Decrease of Appetite in Hot Weather

July 22nd, 2007

Question: My dog Rowdy seems to not want to eat much. It has been very hot out, so could that be the reason? He doesn’t want dog food, he wants chicken weiners or milk and lots of water. Could there be something wrong with him? It’s not like he doesn’t eat, he just only wants […]

Ask The Dog Guide: Can My Dog Live Outside?

July 22nd, 2007

Question: My husband has a serious dog allergy. My 11-year-old daughter so desperately wants a dog. We have a small fenced-in backyard that our toddler granddaughter plays in. Is there a small dog that could live outdoors with a doghouse? Answer: Oh, where to start. No, there is no dog that can be kept outdoors, […]

Ask The Dog Guide: Aggressive Behavior

June 28th, 2007

Question: We have an 8 year old cockapoo. He occassionally suffers from fits of random rage and will viciously attack and bite family in the face. Immediately after the rage fit (which lasts less than 1 minute) he will be extremely apologetic and beg to be cuddled and lick whoever he just tried to maul. […]

Answer: Can All Dogs Swim?

May 23rd, 2007

Question: Is there a breed of dog that cannot swim? Yes, in fact. Basset Hounds and English Bulldogs- heavy dogs with short legs- aren’t built for swimming. While it is not absolute than any dog of such a breed can’t swim, it’s very difficult for them in general. Additionally, some dogs are afraid of water […]

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