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Perez Hilton Gives BARF Feeding A Shout Out

March 8th, 2011

While feeding dogs raw isn’t anything new, some of the bigger names in the blogging world are finally catching on to this more natural diet. Yesterday, Perez Hilton gave BARF feeding a shout out (or maybe that’s a bark out?) in his blog aimed at animal issues – Teddy Hilton. Check it out here and […]

Classic Dog Article: Raw Diet 101

January 10th, 2011

Every so often I like to bring back our novice’s guide to raw feeding. If you’ve ever been curious about what it means to feed raw, this is the article for you. While we’re sure you’ll have many questions for us (and you’re welcome to ask them!), we’ve tried to address the most common concerns […]

Classic Dog Article: Raw Diet Basics

April 26th, 2010

The dog food industry has only been in existence for a little over a century, but as we know dogs have been around for *much* longer than that! While the tide is turning and many excellent, high-quality foods have come onto the market in recent years (as opposed to the Supermarket brands), raw feeding is […]

Classic Dog Article: Raw Feeding 101

February 8th, 2010

Raw diets can be a wonderful choice for many dogs if they’re properly executed, however many owners are intimidated by entire concept. In today’s classic article we’ll answer a few of the most commonly asked questions about feeding dogs raw foods – check out Raw Diet: The Basics Photo by Keeroff

Classic Dog Article: An Introduction To Raw Feeding

October 12th, 2009

Choosing to feed your dog a raw diet can seem like an overwhelming step to take if you’re not experienced with that type of feeding. The raw feeding lists can be intimidating to sort through and it’s vital to learn the “rights” and “wrongs” of raw! Today’s classic article covers the basics and hopefully will […]

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