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Did You Know? Worlds Oldest Lived Dogs!

August 9th, 2008

Bluey was an Australian Cattle Dog who lived to the ripe old age of 29 years and 5 months! Bluey was born in 1910 and was put to sleep in 1939. He was a working dog for much of his life, but retired after 20 years of herding. Australian Cattle Dogs are a hardy breed […]

Science Says: You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

October 25th, 2007

It started way back in 2002, when researchers at the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University discovered some Compounds That Rejuvenate Rats, May Aid Humans. Actually, it was a combination of dietary supplements that dramatically improved the activity, energy level and cognitive function of old lab rats. The micro-nutrient compounds were identified as acetyl-L-carnitine […]

When It’s Time: Dealing with Grief

October 12th, 2007

Every “dog person” has at one time or another had to deal with the grief of losing their beloved pet. Whether that pet lived long or relatively short, the amount of love and caring invested is no less. Just as with people, who also get more or less time in life on a relative scale, […]

Big Dogs Who Steal Your Heart…

September 13th, 2007

…and then break it. Most “dog people” know or have heard of the fact that large dogs don’t live as long as small dogs. Each of the breeds has certain issues, and large dogs seem to have more of them than small dogs. If one could figure on being owned by their dog for a […]