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Lost Jack Russell Returns Home on Ferry

August 19th, 2008

Jarvis the Jack Russell Terrier chased a rabbit while being walked by owner Vivienne Oxley and disappeared from view. Oxley searched for the dog for an hour, but finally returned to her home on the other side of Plymouth Sound. Shortly after Vivienne returned home, Jarvis apparently boarded a passenger ferry crossing the Plymouth Sound. […]

Ask the Dog Guide: Weather-Tolerant Cart Dog

August 19th, 2008

Question: I’m interested in getting a dog that, in addition to being a pet, can pull a cart. My problem is that here in SE Idaho we have quite cold winters (days on end of high temps in the low 20s) and warm summers (days on end of temps in the 90s). It seems that […]

Taking Your Dog For A Bike Ride – Track’r Pet Bicycle Trailer

August 4th, 2008

Track’r Dog Bicycle Trailer – Easily take your dog for a bike ride   If you are like me, then you like to make sure that your dog gets plenty of daily entertainment. Most days, that includes some combination of walks, a romp in the yard, a car ride to do quick errands, a free-run […]

Ask The Dog Guide: Swimming Siberian Husky

July 28th, 2008

Question: Are Siberian Huskies known to be very good swimmers. I’m on my third Husky and although all would play in and swim a little, my current Husky swims as good as any Lab I’ve ever seen. He will swim around for 15 to 30 minutes without coming to shore to rest. I also have […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility – Book Review

July 3rd, 2008

The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility by Laurie Leach The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility is a great read for those getting started in the sport or for someone who might want to learn more about this event before trying it out. The book contains many color photos that are used as visual aids. You […]

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