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Dog Video Of The Day: The Staffordshire Bull Terrier – The Real Story

March 2nd, 2008

While there are many videos out there discussing the issue of Breed Specific Legislation – this one, featuring Staffordshire Bull Terriers, is one of my personal favorites. Check out these great dogs who truly get a bad rap!

Former Vick Pit Bull Appears on Rachel Ray

March 1st, 2008

Johnny Justice, an adorable black and white Pit Bull, was the star of the Rachel Ray show this past Friday. Johnny served as the spokesdog for BADRAP (Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls), a group who took on 10 of Vick’s dogs once they were turned over for rehabilitation. Donna Reynolds, the co-founder […]

Can You Find The Pit Bull?

February 5th, 2008

I’ve sent this link out to many people in the past few years – some being supporters of the breed and others having the preconceived notions that often come along with this breed. The fact is, most people can’t identify an American Pit Bull Terrier. Can you? Here is a test to see how bully […]

The Faces of the Dog Guide – Dan and Reef

January 24th, 2008

This is Reef: She’ll be turning 7 years old in April and is a princess extrodinaire! I couldn’t ask for a better spokes-dog for Bully breeds (and *against* Breed Specific Legislation) – Reef socializes perfectly with babies, children, dogs and other animals. She does however, hate bad weather and has a variety of hooded sweatshirts […]

Don’t Visit Boston if You’re a Pit Bull

January 17th, 2008

In March I turn 30. My girlfriend, Emily and I have plans to go to Boston for a few days to celebrate. Normally, packing up the pups and finding a hotel that allows them to stay would be no problem for us. However, I remembered hearing something a while back about a law that passed […]

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