New Westminster Breed 2012 – Spotlight On The Xoloitzcuintli

February 14th, 2012 by Dan

We’ve previously featured the unique Xoloitzcuintle before on The Dog Guide, but this year it makes it’s debut on the WKC circuit in the Non-Sporting Group! Fondly known as the Xolo (pronounced “show-low”) to its fanciers, this dog was formally known as the Mexican Hairless.

The Xolo is an ancient breed, similar to the hairless dogs prized by the Aztecs. (Their name comes from the name of the Aztec Indian god “Xolotl” and “Itzcuintli”, the Aztec word for dog). The Xoloitzcuintli were believed to be able to heal illness and ward off evil spirits. On a darker note, the Aztecs also raised their hairless dogs for consumption.

The Xolo comes comes in 3 sizes, Toy (at least 10 through 14 inches tall at the shoulder), Miniature (over 14 through 18 inches tall) or Standard size (over 18 through 23 inches tall). Like the other hairless breeds, there are furred Xolo’s and hairless Xolo’s. Litters can contain both fur types. However, hairless Xolos should have almost no hair. Often Xolos have

The Xolo is an assertive, aloof and calm pet. They’re unique companions that are best for experienced homes.

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