Fur Making You Crazy? – 5 Tips To Reduce Shedding

October 12th, 2011 by Dan

After owning my own dogs for over 15 years, I’ve finally come to terms that the battle with hair will never end. While there are many wonderful low to no-shedding breeds out there, they’re not the ones I’ve come to bring into our family, thus the vacuum and I are very well acquainted. We hang out at least every other day. It’s not our senior Pit Bull who causes the issue (though her tiny black hairs have been known to dig into the bottom of my foot – OW!), but the giant Dogue De Bordeaux (and the Persian cat!). His orangey fur seems to fly off his body with the changes of the seasons. However, I have been able to help keep some of his doggie dander under control with a few easy steps. Check out these 5 Tips To Reduce Shedding and maybe you’ll be able to spend a little more time playing with your pup and a little less time sweeping!

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  1. abbygirlalso Says:

    Being a household of dogs and cats, I find the furminator really does help. I am not one to spend money on gadgets, so I borrowed one. I was honestly surprised how well it worked. I bought the large dog size and the cat size. My chow chow looks great all the time and my cats love it as well. I also found that adding the Dyson vacuum to the household is saving my carpets

  2. dougie-dougie-aww-aww Says:

    Thanks for this article, i really love the tips!

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