New House + Pit Bull With “Wagger’s Tail” = Stuffed Orbee Toys To The Rescue!

May 16th, 2011 by Dan

After 10 years as a fully tailed dog, Reef – my beloved Pit Bull, underwent a partial tail amputation on her decade birthday (happy birthday to her – yeah, right!). She had been such a happy beast for so long that she was whacking the tip of her tail into walls, causing it to break open over and over again. Due to the whippy nature of many Pittie’s tails, bandaging was doing no good and even the little plastic tip that was fashioned to protect it ended up flying off, despite trying to keep her calm. The walls of our apartment had begun to look like a cross between a bad horror movie and modern art. Luckily we have an amazing ER and Surgical Center where she got the best of care, however, she needed to be kept calm and still for a few weeks to keep her tail from opening up again and to ensure proper healing

Of course, all these events coincided perfectly with our move into our new home – complete with a fresh paint job ( we chose an eggshell finish – all the better to wipe Lucian’s drool off the walls!). I purchased Reef a new crate, a cushy bed and Planet Dog was incredibly kind to send us a variety of Orbee toys to review that arrived at just the right time. They arrived as we moved into the new house and were accompanied by a sigh of relief from the author as we couldn’t find ANYTHING – so I decided to review them first hand.

The Orbee -Tuff toys smell *good* – very minty! And with designs that look like an eggplant, a raspberry, an artichoke and more, you’ll please owners (like me) that don’t like dog toys that just look like dog toys!

The beasts (50 lbs and 160 lbs) have had their maws and paws on the Orbees for almost a month now and they are no worst for wear – there isn’t a tooth mark to be seen. We’ve been stuffing one for Reef while she’s crated each time we leave the house and then giving Lucian another to keep him busy as he’s out and about. We switch out the shapes and Reef rushes into the crate as soon as I grab an empty one to fill with snacks. In perfect Pit Princess nature, she also rushes to check Lucian’s Orbee as soon as she gets out of her crate!

My only comment about the toys is that the treat-spot (the hole for stuffing) is on the small side. While this is more of a challenge for dogs (very good in my book), it does mean you have to be aware of the size of the pieces you’re putting inside the toy or else you’re going to have to go fishing in there later on with your finger or some other tool to try and break them up! Besides that – the Orbee is a an extremely well-made toy (it’s also Non-toxic, recyclable and made in the U.S.A.) that will keep your dog busy and look good doing it! PS – Planet Dog also gives 2% of your purchase funds to supporting service dogs! That’s nothing to shake a paw at!

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