Product Review: Greenies Pill Pockets

April 5th, 2011 by Dan

I have one of those cat-like dogs who can hide a pill in the farthest corners of her mouth. I’ve worked in veterinary hospitals for years, delivered thousands of pills and still – I am fooled by a Pit Bull who will walk into the corner and spit out her antibiotic 3 minutes after I believed she swallowed it. Peanut butter doesn’t work with her (she licks it all off and I don’t really love having peanut butter fingers) and frankly, I don’t *like* to have to force her to take medication.

I first started purchasing Greenies Pill Pockets when my rescued Persian cat was prescribed Amitriptyline for inappropriate urination (It works! Yay!). He loves them so much that he stands up with his front paws reaching for the cabinet, making weird little noises until he gets his treat encased pill. So when Reef was scheduled to have surgery this month for a partial tail amputation (she had chronic “waggers tail” – meaning she damaged her tail to the point it wouldn’t heal from wagging it into hard objects), I went out and bought 2 bags of Greenies Pill Pockets for dogs – beef flavored. Reef was supposed to take 2 antibiotics a day and 3 pain pills. The pill pockets are large enough that I could fit a good sized antibiotic capsule as well as a pain pill tablet inside and then mold the pocket around both. (Keep in mind there are 2 sizes available – I bought the size for capsules – not the size for tablets) They are extremely pliable, allowing plenty of coverage so your dog won’t smell the medication. Speaking of smell – they have a strong “beefy” scent that entices dogs to eat, even if they aren’t feeling well. I can tell you, Reef was feeling rather sluggish and out of it and she still gobbled that pocket down a few hours after her procedure!

While you can go the peanut butter route (and maybe get confused with the “human” PB vs the “dog” PB) if it works for your dog, I *highly* endorse Greenies Pill Pockets. They’ve made pilling Reef a pleasant experience vs one that is stressful for both of us! She’s on the mend and is actually sitting and giving paw for her pills now! You can find Greenies Pill Pockets at your local pet supply store!

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