Classic Dog Article: Moving Day – With Dogs!

March 21st, 2011 by Dan

In just a few weeks the dogs will making a big move from the large apartment we’ve been renting to a house my fiancee and I have purchased! While we’re very excited about the relocation, the dogs have been wondering why boxes have slowly been filling up their play space. So today’s classic article is a reminder for any of you that may be in the same position that we are – it should help make moving a little less stressful on both you and your dogs and may help remind you of some important things you may have forgotten in all the craziness! (Like new ID tags! Look at for an amazing selection of pet tags made by independent vendors) Check out 10 Tips For Moving With Your Dog!

Photo by harmonicagoldfish

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  1. Puppy Luv Says:

    Every time we go away for the weekend our dogs know something is up. Once you move to the new place your pups are going to love having the room and the stress will be gone. Good luck on your move.

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