Meet the New Westminster Breeds for 2011: The Cane Corso

February 12th, 2011 by Dan

The Cane Corso (pronounced “kahn-ay corso”, not like sugar cane!) is a member of the Working Group. This large molosser (ranging from 23.5-27 inches) originated in ancient Italy and was only imported to the United States in 1988. The Cane Corso’s history tells of their use as war dogs, farm dogs and guardians. Now they’re much loved companions by the many fans of this breed.

Photo by WKC

Cane Corsos are not a dog for the novice owner. They are highly intelligent and do have the drive to learn quickly. While they can be amazing companions, they have a natural aversion to strangers and require an large amount of careful handling and socialization. This breed has a tendency toward dog-dog aggression so they often do best as the only canine in the house.

The Corso’s short coat doesn’t require much effort to keep clean and well groomed. A little brushing and a bath on occasion will keep them looking sharp!

For more information on the Cane Corso, check out this interview with Virgina Dunn of Bella Rosa Cane Corsos!

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