It’s Almost Over….The Dog Guide’s Best Canine Websites of 2010!

December 30th, 2010 by Dan

2011 is almost here and we wanted to give a big bark-out to some of our favorite websites we’ve spent too much time exploring; those that stand out in the wide world of the canine Internet! While we’ve listed some of our personal favorites, please feel free to leave *your* bookmarked sites as comments so other readers can enjoy them as well!

Elderbulls is the blog of Sarge, our favorite 16-year-old rescued Pit Bull. He’s a therapy dog and lives with a crew of 5 other rescued canines. His mom is a geriatric social worker, with a passion for breaking down stereotypes – never make assumptions about humans or animals around Kim! If you’re going to follow one dog blog in 2011, please make it Elderbulls. Sarge does so much good for so many beings and we promise you’ll want to keep reading.

SURFdog Ricochet:
While Ricochet may sound like a “he”, she’s actually a girl-dog, surfer extraordinaire! Ricochet was raised with hopes that she’d become a service dog, but her prey drive (she liked to chase birds and squirrels!) led her in another direction – towards the water! Now she not only competes in canine surfing competitions to raise thousands of dollars for charitable causes, she’s also a therapy dog that’s done work tandem surfing with adaptive surfers and special needs kids – you have to see the videos to really believe what this pup can do!

Feral Dog Weblog:
While this isn’t a cuddly or cute webpage, it is an incredible tool for those who are involved in animal rescue and welfare. Mark R. Johnson DVM has put together an incredibly informative blog about the trapping and handling of feral/fractious canines.

Just Another Dog Blog:
Amazing photos and videos of two beautiful Boarder Collies and their world. Lots of dog sports coverage and other action – it’s never boring (because how could life with 2 BC’s be boring?!).

Who’s Your Dachshund?:

I love the concept of this blog almost as much as I love the blog itself! 10 weenie owners from around the globe unite to post about their 15 Dachshunds. What you end up with is an amazingly eclectic and adorable assortment of stories, photos and videos that will satisfy any Doxie lover for hours (or days!).

Needle Noses and Fat Tyres
Like Greyhounds? Like Bikes? You’ll love Needle Noses and Fat Tyres! This blog features some big skinnys living down under in Australia. They like kittens and lounging. There are also amazing shots of other animals in the blog as well!

The Thundering Herd
Want to imagine life with SIX Siberian Huskies? If so, The Thundering Herd is the blog for you! Lots of beautiful shots of these athletic dogs living the good life in the mountains of North Carolina.

Now some of our favorite webstores:

D-fa Dog Gear
Winter can be long and cold (and just seems to be getting longer and colder!), in our never-ending search for the *best* and *warmest* dog coats, we discovered D-fa dog gear. Think of this stuff as the “North Face” of the canine world. It’s tested on in New Zeland and is built for rugged, outdoor wear in even the coldest of climates. The customer service team is exceptionally helpful and if you have any questions about which coat will be the right choice for your pup, feel free to drop them a line!

Dog Tag Art:
Your dog’s identification tag is something he should never leave home without, but why not make it fun? With Dog Tag Art, you have your choice of hundreds of tags submitted by artists, or you can even upload your own jpg and make your own! Tags start at 11.99 – once you see some of the designs, you may want to buy more than one!

Cycle Dog Leashes and Collars:
Cycle dog collars blew me away the first time I saw them. Besides being incredibly stylish and durable, they’re eco-friendly (crafted from recycled bike tubes). But what makes Cycle dog collars stand out from the crowd? The Pup Top bottle opener that’s built right into the collar where the leash attaches – you’ll never leave home without one! Collars come in many colors and designs with both plastic and metal fasteners, leashes are available to match!

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  1. Sunita Voleppe Says:

    A site about Henri the pup and his sweet dreams :)

  2. Deborah Says:

    Love the “whosyourdachshund” site!

  3. Lou Kebort Says:

    Quality Hoodies in 10 sizes including 4 sizes for BULLDOGS

  4. Firefighter Dayna Hilton Says:

    Congrats to all the Dog Guide’s Best Canine Websites of 2010! We can’t wait to check them all out!

    Firefighter Dayna and Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, dedicated to helping keep children and their caregivers fire safe.

  5. Misty Lambrecht Says:

    I agree with the cycle dog collar and leashes. I really like the idea and the product line. Great for the earth and great for the dog. I really like the latch-lock, way easier to open than the plastic buckle.

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    This a really fab list! Some top sites here

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