Ask The Dog Guide: Sore Nose Wrinkles

November 9th, 2010 by Dan

My French Bulldog/Boston terrier male, Romeo has been facing an issue lately! His wrinkles by his nose have been moist and therefore have been reacting as an open sore and I am wondering if there is a cream or powder that can be suggested to help keep it dry and taken care of?

Keeping wrinkley breeds comfortable (especially during the changing seasons) can be difficult! First, be sure that your pup is eating a high-quality diet, as foods containing byproducts can contribute to yeast problems and itching. If everything looks good in that department, I’ve discovered a great product that I use on my own wrinkle-nosed dog (a Dogue De Bordeaux) called Snout Soother. It’s all natural and as you can discern from the name – made especially for tender canine noses!

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