Dog Video Of The Day: From Vick Dog To Therapy Dog!

September 13th, 2010 by Dan

Meet Leo, he was rescued from Michael Vick’s fighting ring and is now a therapy dog!

2 Responses to “Dog Video Of The Day: From Vick Dog To Therapy Dog!”

  1. Jack Says:

    It’s stories like this that make me think there’s hope for the world, after all—that maybe it is our natural state to care for each other. That natural tendency towards love can be warped, God knows; but eradicated? I don’t think so. It’s always going to be there, waiting for the time and opportunity to be set free. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. robin Says:

    I used to work in a care home, on a special care unit with people who had behaviour problems. It was interesting to see how one very aggressive man would simply melt into a puddle at even a photograph of a dog – it was amazing. Dogs have a way with people’s hearts. The comfort they can bring to some people can make all the difference, and brighten someone’s entire day in a difficult situation. Therapy dogs do extremely important work. Keep it up! :o )

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