Classic Dog Article: The Best Breeds For Allergy Sufferers

August 23rd, 2010 by Dan

I’ve been getting lots of Ask The Dog Guide Questions from people with allergies (or who have children with allergies or asthma) that would love to own a dog, but don’t know what breeds to consider for their situation. So today I’ll bring back a link to a classic article that lists 20 breeds that they might want to research when they’re making their decisions. The most important thing for someone with allergies to do if they’re considering bringing a dog into their family is spending a length of time (30 minutes at minimum!) with the dog or puppy in an enclosed space. Remember, dander doesn’t just come from fur – some people are allergic to canine saliva, skin and urine. If you’re interested in one of these breeds, there are many purebred rescues with wonderful dogs available and needing new homes as an alternative to breeders. Take a look at: Dogs For People With Allergies Or Asthma

Photo by The Finnixs

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