Dog Photo Of The Day: License To Drive

June 18th, 2010 by Dan

A Bulldog takes the wheel.

Photo by ~ceejgee~

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  1. John C. Says:

    What a great pooch–except for one thing–where’s his ID Tag?

    Protecting your pet with proper ID is a key factor in saving its life if lost. Micro-chipping is only good “after” the pets been rescued and is in a safe place that hopefully has the proper scanner to read that brand of chip. It’s good to have but needs an exterior tag for best results.

    There’s a great new pet id tag called Pawtags Rescue. Each tag has its own ID number and 24/7 Live Operator toll free number. You can list up to ten contact numbers, rabies id, city licensing, micro-chip and Vet-Med info in your pet profile. It’s private and used only by the Operators to rescue your pet. Found at

    Pawtags also has a great PAWS Alert Lost pet auto-poster for members and the only ones with a nationwide zip code search program that gives you every Animal Control facility within 50 square miles—that’s the only place your pet will end up at.

    All this for only $10 for lifetime guaranteed tag and first year Live Operator Rescue service. Shelters that sell tags keep 72% of the profits and the company donates a portion of all sales to needy Shelters. Its only 19.99 at any time to upgrade to a Lifetime membership. Tags are cool and weatherproof and transferable.

    Good deal and nice knowing your pet has a live 24/7 team to protect them. Kind of like the Verizon commercials! Cool.

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