An Introduction To Dock Diving – Cool Off With This Dog Sport!

June 22nd, 2010 by Dan

It’s hot outside – really hot, so I’ve decided to focus today’s blog on a canine sport that actually gives dogs a chance to cool off in the water – Dock Diving.

Photo by jumping lab

While Dock Diving made it’s first appearance at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in 1997, it’s been said that the roots of the sport go back to a hunters bet – a pair made a wager betting whose dog could leap farther into a pond. The popularity of the sport has grown since it’s inception and Dock Diving has been featured on the Great Outdoor Games (ESPN) and on other major networks such as ABC and CBS.

In Dock Diving there is normally a 40-foot-long dock that is positioned leading into a pool of water that is at least 4 feet deep. Some competitions are held in naturally occurring bodies of water. Scoring varies based on the event that the dog is competing in – Big Air, Extreme Vertical, Speed Retrieve

The sport has grown in popularity due to it’s accessible, straightforward nature. Any breed of dog (and mixes too!) over the age of 6 months can compete. The key points of focus in the sport are running, jumping into water and retrieving. For most dogs, preparation for Dock Diving will be a lot of fun! Training with high jumps is discouraged for younger dogs, as they are still growing and it can damage their body, however working on acclimating them to the water and getting solid retrieves down is a great way to set them up for a future in this sport.

Photo by greenkozi

Dock Diving is a fun and exciting way to get active with your dog! Why not take the time this summer and take up a new hobby for the both of you? If you’d like more information, check out the links below.
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Amazing Dock Diving Fact: A Greyhound/Coonhound mix named Country, holds the current Big Air record – his jump was 28 feet 10 inches!

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  1. Amber Says:

    We went to see a local dock diving competition locally here in VA – it was INCREDIBLE, the distances that these dogs jump, and they seem to be having such a good time!


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