Westminster Terms Explained

February 15th, 2010 by Dan

If you’re watching Westminster on TV and getting a bit confused with some of the terminology you’re hearing, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Figuring out what all the terms used inside (and outside) of the show ring mean can be puzzling, so we’ve made you a cheat sheet! Here’s a few of the most important words and phrases you should understand:

Turv Judging

Benched Show:
Westminster is a benched show. This means that dogs are assigned to sit at specific benches while they are not in the show ring. This area is set up with crates and specific “potty areas” where dogs can relieve themselves. The benching area is open to the public and it gives everyone a chance to interact with the “stars” of the show and learn more about the dogs from their handlers.

Champion: All dogs competing at Westminster must have earned the title of Champion (the “Ch” before their name). This is accomplished through gaining 15 points via wins in AKC shows.

The physical structure and appearance of a dog.

Breed Type:
The specific traits of one breed of dog that set it apart from other canines.

Dachshund Judging

Stack: A specific stance that the handler poses the dog in (or in some cases, the dog poses itself in) to show it off in the most flattering way.

BOB (or Best Of Breed): The dog chosen as Best Of Breed advances to the next round – Best Of Group. There he or she will go up against all the other dogs in their section (for example – all the BOB Herding dogs will compete to be Best of Group) The winner of the Best of Group will be eligible to win Best In Show.

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