Westminster 2010 Report: The Benching Area

February 16th, 2010 by Dan

The Westminster Dog Show is a benched event, meaning when dogs aren’t strutting their stuff in the show ring, they’re sitting in little cubicles (most often in crates) accompanied by their handlers or owners, ready to meet their adoring public. Since the dog show lasts from 8am until 8pm (and that is if you don’t win a title and move on to the later, televised portion), the benching area fluctuates between barking activity and later, very tired pooches! Here are some of the photos we’ve taken of the show dogs during their downtime.

(All photos shot by our staff photographer – Lori Horwedel)

A giant Irish Wolfhound takes a rest after a long day in the show ring:
Irish Wolfhound

Passed out Pug:
Sleepy Pug

A line of Poodles (toy) with their owners/handlers:
Toy Poodles

A Tibetan Spaniel perched on top of a crate:
Tibetan Spaniel

The Best Of Opposite Sex Pomeranian:

Another sleepy pup. This time a Boston Terrier:
Tired Boston

Best Of Opposite Sex Tibetan Terrier with her prize ribbon:
Tibetan Terrier

3 Responses to “Westminster 2010 Report: The Benching Area”

  1. Joy Nachmias Says:

    Great story! Thanks for the great published pictures…I linked it to my facebook! (owner of the black mini above) I’m in green. Joy

  2. Dan Says:

    Joy, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! The benching area of Westminster is really something amazing – I wish every dog person could experience it.

  3. Joy Nachmias Says:

    I think most dog people were smart enough to be snuggled up with the dog on the couch watching the show on TV! I am still recovering from the madness!

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