Westminster 2010 Report: Meeting The New Breeds – The Pyrenean Shepherd!

February 15th, 2010 by Dan

When we arrived at bustling Westminster press room, we were greeted by a small, curious dog of a breed I’ve never seen (when you’ve been working around dogs as long as I have, this is a rare occurrence.) I soon learned that the pup was a Pyrenean Shepherd, one of the three breeds that will be making their debuts in the WKC show rings this year.

pyrenean shep WKC

Prix is her call name (the common name owners use for dogs outside the show ring) while her registered name is Ch Burgerhaus Grand Prix RN. She’s a 20 month old female, owned and handled by Sue Snyder. Sue filled us in about few interesting facts regarding these little dogs (Prix only weighs 20 lbs!):

* There are only about 400 Pyrenean Shepherds in the US
* They are very loyal to their owners, but need constant socialization throughout their lives in order to interact well with strangers.
* This working dog can herd a flock of 1000 sheep by themselves!

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