Westminster 2010 Report: Meeting The New Breeds – The Norwegian Bunhund!

February 15th, 2010 by Dan

After meeting the Pyrenean Shepherd, we were introduced to an 18 month old Norwegian Buhund with the call name Lola (her registered name is Ch Norskwynd D’Lola Of Trollheimen) and her owner, Lisa. This will be the first time the Buhund appears in the WKC show, and there are a total of 4 members of the breed entered this year. Lisa told us a few interesting facts about her breed:

* There are about 500 Norwegian Buhunds in the United States
* While the Buhund is a good watch dog and will warn you of anything that’s amiss, however they won’t really defend.


* The Buhund is multifaceted – they can do almost any job and are intelligent and eager to please. They need to be kept busy!
* Buhund’s don’t like the heat – this breed enjoys playing in the snow!

Lola - Norwegian Buhund

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