The Famed PuppyCam Is Back!

January 20th, 2010 by Dan

In October of 2008 a Shiba Inu named Kika and her litter of 6 puppies became overnight Internet sensations when their owners set up a web cam to monitor the brood while they were working. In less than a month over 3 million people had spent 1.2 million hours watching the pups do what puppies do – namely eat and sleep (and eventually play!). Weeks passed and soon those beloved puppies went to their new homes. The anonymous couple that runs the cam kept one puppy named Ayumi.

Well, fans of the puppy cam, have no fear! Kika is back with a second litter of 5 puppies born January 16, 2010 and the web cam is up and running. There are 3 boys and 2 girls in the litter and you can tune into the puppycam to watch them grow! Click here to be taken to the Shiba Inu Puppycam, or watch it below!
Free live streaming by Ustream

The owners of this Shiba crew haven’t been selfish with their fame. They’ve used it to promote the cause of Shiba rescue (responsible breeders always donate time and funds to rescue!). The couple created a calender of the first litter and donated over $6000 to various Shiba Inu rescue groups. In addition, viewers of the channel have donated over $11,000 to help Shibas in need! So it isn’t as if these babies aren’t working for a good cause…..

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