Should He Stay Or Should He Go? Traveling With Your Dog!

January 14th, 2010 by Dan

My dogs often accompany me on work related trips and more so on vacations, however, there are times when I am forced to leave them at home. As much as I hate to do it, I know spending hours cooped up in a hotel room isn’t fair to them. They have a great time with their doting pet sitter and I’m confidant they’re well taken care of!

There are many points to consider when you’re deciding if your dog should come on a trip with you. Even though we may miss our dogs, sometimes it’s better we leave them at home. On other occasions our pups make fantastic traveling companions! This article will help you ask the questions you need to figure out what’s best for both you and your pooch! Check out our feature: Traveling Dogs!

Traveling Dogs

Photo by agilitynut

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4 Responses to “Should He Stay Or Should He Go? Traveling With Your Dog!”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Nice pic, love it very much and the post is very useful too, thanks! :)

  2. louanne studer Says:

    i hate to leave my dog behind – but in the end i think a kennel she knows well is better than an airplane ride stuck in a crate
    louanne studer

  3. abbygirlalso Says:

    There are times I would love to take my dog with me but think he would be better at home. I don’t know how many times I see dogs at family reunions or parties, summer festivals or car shows, sitting/standing in the hot sun panting and looking pathetic. Sure you have a great dog and you want to show him or her off, but the air conditioning back at home is far more comfortable. Before taking your dog with you consider what he or she will be doing the whole time you are hanging around sociallizing and their 30 minutes of fame are over.

  4. louanne studer Says:

    I am interested in adding a cat to our dog only household. I am worried that my older dog will find this difficult to deal with. Can an older dog who has never been around cats learn to deal with them?

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