Must-Have Items For Small Breed Dogs

January 9th, 2010 by Dan

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spend over 41 Billion dollars on our pets each year! With the ever-increasing popularity of small breed dogs, it’s often hard to figure out what you really *need* when it comes to buying items for your pet. Besides choosing a healthy food and providing veterinary care, there are a few other items, designed with the needs of small pups in mind, that are worthy purchases. You’ll find our favorites in our new guide: The Best Products For Little Dogs

Chihuahua Portrait

Photo by Abraham.F

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  1. L.G.Barnes III Says:

    I would like to throw my name in the product hat. I make pet bowls on the potters wheel. They are personalized, dishwasher safe and flip-proof. I will donate $5.00 per order to your Rescue ( please leave an address ) Send me an image of your dog with the bowl when you receive it and I’ll post it on my website at Thanks.

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