Natural Winter Weather Care For Dogs – Paws and Noses!

December 2nd, 2009 by Dan

Chilly weather has moved in, and in some regions icy sidewalks and snowy grass have replaced our dog’s usually clear walking paths. While some breeds are built to love the wintry weather, many dogs dislike, and even experience physical discomfort, when the cold weather hits. Paws and noses can be especially vulnerable and often need a little more TLC during these long, dark months. Salty sidewalks can sting and the whipping wind can chap and chafe.

I had the pleasure of sampling 2 all-natural products that make an awesome pairing if your goal is keeping your pet comfortable during the long, dark months ahead. They’d make great stocking stuffers for the discerning pet owner this holiday season!

Sweet Pea’s Paws:
Salt stings, and while our dogs can’t tell us they’re hurting, they *do* make their discomfort obvious. If you’ve ever been out on a winters walk and discovered your dog is suddenly limping or even holding up a paw and refusing to walk, you know they’ve been “a-salted.” (sorry for the bad pun!) In the colder months, your dog’s pads can use a little extra pampering to keep them from growing cracked and dry. Sweet Pea’s Paws has a trio of sprays we sampled and are designed as an all-natural approach to paw care.

Sweet Pea's Paws

The sprays comes in 3 varieties: Tender Paws, Active Paws and Gentle Paws. I found that Tender Paws and Active Paws seem to be the most relevant formulas for the winter months. Tender Paws is designed to help pads heal from the vigours of the outside world, while Active Paws was created for dogs who run and play hard and need extra care for their paws. Gentle Paws is a formula for pups who have allergies and itches and can actually be used on hot spots as well.

When I used the sprays on Lucian and Reef, I noticed they smelled very natural, much like essential oils – and lacked any medicinal smell at all. They went on clean (not oily!) and left no residue on the floor or on furniture or rugs. While Reef sits still, albeit begrudgingly, for me to clip her nails or tend to her pads, Lucian wasn’t thrilled with me spraying his paws at first. I sprayed my finger and applied Tender Paws while holding the bottle and giving him a treat. Soon he grew conditioned to the bottle, knowing that a treat would come every time he saw it. Within a week, I had no problem using the spray directly from the bottle

I’ve noticed a significant difference in the texture of both dog’s pads. Conditioning their pads before the coldest months of the winter arrives can only make things easier once the salt starts to appear on the stairs and sidewalks!

For detailed information on the organic and wild harvested botanicals contained in Sweet Pea’s Paws, click here. You can order their products in a variety of sizes – a 2 oz bottle is good for over 400 sprays. You can order their products directly through their website.

Snout Soother:
Chapped lips and noses are part of what we have to cope with in the winter, but we have lip balms and lotions to mend these discomforts. Dogs sniffers, however, are usually left to heal on their own. A dog’s nose is a valuble asset as smell is a pups keenest sense. Canines possess 220 million olfactory receptors compared to humans measly 5 million! If your dog has been walking in the gusty wind and blowing snow and you notice chapping or redness around this nose, you may want to get some Snout Soother.

Snout Soother

I tried out Snout Soother on Lucian, my Dogue De Bordeaux. While we haven’t been hit with any severe weather yet, Lucian is a Brachycephalic breed with lots of wrinkles. While I wipe his folds daily, sometimes he gets a bit of redness between them and I figured this would be a perfect place to apply Snout Soother. I noticed a recognizable difference in the color of the area within 3 days. As the weather gets colder I’ll be applying it to his nose as it tends to get dried out easily. The balm is all natural and completely edible, so you don’t have to worry if your dog licks his nose after application.

In testing this product I realized that owners that use Gentle Leader head collars on their dogs may find Snout Soother useful. I’ve heard of many short haired dogs that end up having spots rubbed from repeated use of the Gentle Leader. The Snout Soother may help their muzzles heal!

For more about the all-natural ingredients in Snout Soother, click here.You can order tins of Snout Soother directly through the Natural Dog website. The company stands behind their product 100% and if you aren’t satisfied you can return the product within 60 days.

While these products may not squeak or be chewy, they are designed to make your dog more comfortable. So when you’re choosing his gifts this year, keep wellness in mind as well as fun! (There’s room for both!)

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