Gift Guide 2009: Treat Your Dog To A Dog Gone Smart Bed!

December 9th, 2009 by Dan

In order to be deemed a success as a dog bed in my house, one has to stand up to a variety of tests:

* You have to be plush enough for a Pit Bull diva entering her senior years of life. This means holding up well after repeated fits of nesting on a nightly basis.

* You must look good. We keep dog beds in the bedroom, living room and office. Finding patterns and colors that fit into the decor of each room is a requirement.

* But most importantly, dog beds in this house must be able to withstand the drool “issues” that my French Mastiff produces. He loves to play bitey face with his head on a dog bed, leading to wet marks – and if it’s soon after a meal – food grime as well. Living with a jowly breed, or any messy dog, changes what you look for in a bed. I recently received a Dog Gone Smart Bed to test out and I can’t say enough good things about it!

Rectangular Dog Gone Bed

Dog Gone Smart Beds are high class furniture for your pup! They feel very substantial and cozy and will keep a nice layer of cushy bedding between your dog and the floor. But what makes these beds unique and exceptional is known as NanoSphere coating. It’s a non-toxic finish that resists water, dirt and stains. It actually keeps your dogs bedding cleaner – and it works! You can watch a demo of the NanoSphere finish here. While I’ve seen this demo at pet trade shows, I wasn’t sure how the bed would hold up when a real (drooly) dog used it. However, after 2 weeks of regular use and abuse, the bed looked great and smelled fine! 2 weeks later I threw the cover in the wash and it came out looking as good as new. The covers of the beds are completely washable (do not use fabric softener) and the inner cushion was completely clean under the protection of the outer shell.

Donut DogGone Bed

The company makes beds in every shape and size: rectangular, round, donut – even memory foam for the aging set (who can especially benefit from the waterproof ways of these beds). They also use the NanoSphere coating on crate pads and pet throws! I’d love one of these to cover my couch!

If you want to impress your dog-loving friends with a great gift, consider a Dog Gone Smart Bed this holiday season. I’m betting both pup and owner will be pleased! Use the Dog Gone Smart store locator to find a shop near you that carries these products or to order online.

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