9 Dog Gifts For ’09: The Best Presents For Pups

December 16th, 2009 by Dan

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and you haven’t gotten your dog his gifts yet? Just because your pup can’t bug you for a Zhu Zhu pet, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be left out on Christmas morning! More than 75% of pet owners buy presents for their pets and I’ve found 9 gifts that are perfect this holiday season – some of them are even more for owners than for dogs (but don’t tell them that!). There’s something here for every one’s budget and most of these products can be found in stores or can ship quickly!

* The Neater Feeder:
Let the neater feeder save your floors and provide your dog with a stationary eating and drinking area. This walled feeder has a lower reservoir to catch any drips and is made of easy to clean polypropylene plastic. While these bowls are ideal for messy dogs, they’re also perfect for households with lots of foot-traffic where bowls may get bumped frequently. There’s a small dog size (for the 5-30 lb set) and a large dog size (up to approximately 100 lbs). You can read our full review of the Neater Feeder here and order online via their website. Right now they’re offering free shipping!

Neater Feeder

* Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado:
Do you have a brainy dog that loves a challenge? Keep him busy this holiday with the Dog Tornado! This innovative puzzle toy hides treats under layers of rotating discs that your dog rotates using his paws or nudges with his nose. It’s a great boredom buster and will help keep that smarty-pants pooch busy while you’re opening your own gifts! There are other puzzles in the Nina Ottosson line as well. You can order them here or at petco.com

Dog Tornado

Watch Sophie, one of our “dogs on staff”, play with the Dog Tornado in the video below!

* PureAyre Odor Eliminator For Dogs:
A gift that is sure to please any pet owner! PureAyre odor eliminator is a completely non-toxic, food-grade spray made from plant-derived enzymes in purified water with a few drops of peppermint oil added for scent. You can spray it everywhere – couches, pet beds, cars, even on pets themselves. It contains no chemicals or alcohol and is cruelty free. The enzymes in the spray even act as stain removers. You can purchase PureAyre online here or at PETCO stores!


* Zen Pack Bowl:
This innovative pet travel bowl is a green gift, as it’s made from discarded yoga mat remnants! Turn trash into your pup’s treasure with this gift! The collapsible bowl comes with a carabiner, to allow for easy clipping to a belt or backpack. You can order the Zen Pack Bowl on the Pet Zen website!

Zen Pack

* Pet Projekt Dog Items:
Pet Projekt makes some of the trendiest dog toys and products we’ve seen in a while! Their Dogmat comes in 4 stylish colors that compliment their modern Dogbol series. For those pooches that love squeakers, treat them to a Squeeki Tiki! Right now if you use the code SNOWDOG on the Pet Projekt website you’ll get 15% off until Dec 31st!


* Antlerz Chews:
If you’re looking for a non-splintering, long-lasting, humane chew, consider Antlerz! Antlerz are exactly what they sound like – deer antlers! Wild deer shed their antlers annually and workers harvest these, clean them and cut them to size. These chews are mineral rich, won’t stain and are generally a good choice for aggressive chewers. Right now you can order Antlerz on BestBullySticks.com with free shipping!


* Brad’s Big Bully Dog Leads:

I can’t say enough good things about Brad’s Big Bully leashes – I own 2 of them for my own dogs and they have served me well for the past 4 years. The craftsmanship of theses high-quality leather leads is stellar and they have unique designs not found in other leashes. You can read all about them here. I personally have 2 Traffic Lead Combo Sets for my own dogs and find the ability to keep them close an invaluable tool in the city! There’s a 20% discount for the entire month of December! Just enter code: dec_promo at checkout!

Bully Lead

* Plato Pet Treats:
Plato makes too many dog treats for us to pick our favorite! We can bet your dog will love any of the varieties in their stocking! From conventional favorites like organic chicken, to special treats for sensitive systems such as kangaroo or sweet potato, Plato has something for every dog’s palate! Their treats are all-natural and contain no junk (fillers, by-products, artificial flavors, preservatives) – just yummy goodness for your pup. You can use their store locator to find an establishment that carries their products or order online at BestBullySticks.

Plato Treats

* Top Tag Pet ID:
A priceless gift for any pet owner is the security of knowing that their pet will come home if they’re lost. The Top Tag Pet ID will help make this happen. This revolutionary identification is actually a 64MB USB Mini Drive that sits in a waterproof case and attaches to your dog’s collar. The flash drive holds a specially loaded program where you input information about your pet including your contacts, your pet’s health, feeding, medical needs, behavior and more. If your pet is lost and located, you’ll know that his rescuers will have detailed information about how to care for him until you are reunited! You can learn more about Top Tag and order on their website.

Top Tag

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  1. Online Shopping Says:

    These are great pet ideas for gifts! Now if I can only figure out what to get my wife for Christmas.

  2. Emily~ DreamEyce Says:

    I love Brad’s Big Bully Dog Leads, and also his Mother makes amazing dog soaps which work very well on all coat types! I have 2 Corgis, a GSD/Aussie mix mutt, and a Pomeranian and all 3 do great with their soaps.

    The Neater Feeder looks like something our dog Cove could use, esp since it’s lifted! What a great idea. Thanks for posting these finds, as well as supporting Brad’s Big Bully Dog Leads. Bradley is a great kid, and does so much good for the community!

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