Dogs Vs. Cats? Who Rules? Win A Copy Of A New Coffee Table Book!

November 5th, 2009 by Dan

Coffee table books are a vice of mine – especially ones featuring exceptionally photographed dogs. With the holiday’s coming up, I always like to have a new one for guests to peruse when they visit. Obviously, all our friends are dog lovers, or at least dog-likers, so they understand and appreciate the choice of reading material. However, some of our friends consider themselves to be more “cat people” than “dog people”, so the new book we have displayed, “Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats”, by Bradley Trevor Greive, my irk them slightly. However, I guarantee it’s all in good fun – weather you’re a dog lover or a cat lover, you can appreciate this book!

Catsvsdogs cover

When I received my sample copy of “Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats”, I was immediately taken by the beautiful photography work done by Rachael Hale. Also, unlike many coffee table books, this one has a great deal of text.It is divided into sections including my favorite, *Dogs Are Social: Cats Are Sociopaths* (keep in mind, I am the owner of 3 cats as well as my 2 dogs!)

BTG would like to make clear that he is not anti-cat, but he *is* pro-dog! His perspectives on canine emotions provide some of my favorite quotes from the book: ” While cats have a keen sense of their own needs, dogs have a remarkable understanding of ours.”

If you’d like to win a copy of “”Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats”, all you have to do is leave a comment on why *you* think dogs make better companions than cats! We’ll choose our favorite comment on November 10th! Make sure you leave a working email address in the comment so we can get back to you for your mailing information if your comment is chosen!

15 Responses to “Dogs Vs. Cats? Who Rules? Win A Copy Of A New Coffee Table Book!”

  1. Reba DiBartolomeo Says:

    My dogs are better in one important way. They don’t play ninja attack squad on my five am trip to the bathroom. Dilly, a jet black, long haired, self proclaimed princess of evil, will launch from the shadows with 28 tiny sharp things EVERY time I make the trip.

  2. Cait Says:

    Do you know how hard it is to train a cat to walk on a leash? That’s why.

  3. Melinda Carneiro Says:

    My dog is always deliriously happy to see me whether it’s been after a five-minute absence or 5 hours. He’s always like “You’re home, you’re home,you’re home – my day is so much better now! A cat could care less. She’s more like “Oh you’re home ….. how nice ….. indeed ..”

  4. Nicole Says:

    Cats are like squirrels, but bigger. Nough said.

  5. lidia Says:

    I love the comments so far… so true!

    I have had both as pets and have come the following conclusions about dogs: they are more grateful for everything you do for them, perform funnier tricks, are better exercise partners, can tell time better, and make a much better (and warmer) pillow.

    Nothing against cats, but I just love my daily walks with Essie!

  6. Colleen Sheehy Says:

    I’m owned by two cats, so this is a tough question…. My brother’s two dogs are always glad to see me,whereas my own furbabies, opportunists that they are, ignore me until they want something. Gotta love ‘em!

    My all-time favorite dog is my brother’s dear departed Picard. Picard is the only pooch I know who loved clementines. Every time I’d go to eat one, I’d have to have TWO available, because Picard would match me section for section. For his sake, there’d better be clementines at the Rainbow Bridge!

  7. cindy Says:

    Almost all the dogs I know told me they root for the Sox.

  8. Cloud K9 Says:

    That’s Easy! When a cat is able to *guide a blind person down the street through busy traffic, *detect and alert its person about a seizure before it happens, *track the scent to find a missing child, *detect cancer, *aid law enforcement in a multitude of ways, *make its person the CENTER of its UNIVERSE and give love unconditionally, THEN I will say cats are better than dogs!

  9. baltimoregal Says:

    When I come home from work, my dog wiggles her butt so hard it almost hits her in the head.

    When my friend gets home from work, her cat doesn’t notice.

    Enough said.

  10. Mark Says:

    Have you SMELLED wet cat food?

  11. Aaron Says:

    Dogs give better hugs than cats.

  12. EllynAnne Says:

    My dog needs me.

  13. A.C. Cargill Says:

    Queenie was a great dog. Even when she was old and arthritic, she could intimidate our cat, “T.C.” — but she was lousy at teatime!

  14. Ineta Says:

    Dogs can make the most cutest face expressions that just melts your heart.

  15. Jamie Arehart Says:

    Puppy dog eyes.

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