Your Messy Dog Could Win You $1000!

October 3rd, 2009 by Dan

If you have a dog who is especially slovenly at mealtimes, their mess could win you $1000! TowerStar Pets, LLC – the company that puts out the ingenious “Neater Feeder” (read our review here), is sponsoring the “World’s Messiest Pet Contest!” Send in your photos or videos of your pet during his most messy moments! There will be monthly winners announced on Oct. 14, Nov. 18, and Dec. 16 (which is when the contest will end.) The Grand Poobah-sloppy beast (and winner of the $1000) will be chosen on Jan. 13! You’re welcome to enter as often as you’d like – here are the full terms and conditions

Click here to enter!

Messy Pug Eating

Photo by TimmyGUNZ

Oh yeah, this contest is open to messy cats too, but who has a messy cat?!

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