Howl-o-ween Has Gone To The Dogs! 55 Pics Of Dogs In Costumes – 2009 Edition!

October 21st, 2009 by Dan

Happy Howl-o-ween!! It’s time once again for our annual feature of amazing, hilarious (and maybe spooky, but probably not) photos of dogs dressed for Halloween! These outfits are impressive, amusing and creative. These dogs will be getting all the bones in their trick-or-treat bags! Have a very safe, treat-filled holiday and enjoy these 55 dressed up dogs!

Zombie Dog:
Guard your brain if you spot this Chinese Crested heading towards you…..

Zombie Dog

Photo by Drhaggis

Flying Monkeys:
The Flying Monkeys always terrified me as a child. These 2 are a bit less frightening.

Flying Monkeys

Photo by matt_dipaola

Cow Pug:
A cow that snorts and snores.

Cow Pug

Photo by istolethetv

An Italian Greyhound (not a woolly breed), dressed as a VERY Woolly Mammoth!

Wooly Mammoth IG

Photo by Al Bar

The Village Pugs:
I want to see them preform “YMCA!”

The Village Pugs

Photo by sommjet

Mastiff Medusa:
It’s hard NOT to stare at this Tibetan Mastiff – careful or you might turn to stone!

Mastiff Medusa

Photo by smwarnke4

Confused Corgi Sheep:

Corgis are bred for herding, so this dog-in-sheep’s-clothing may be experiencing a bit of an identity crisis!

Corgi Sheep

Photo by mphoenix

Dr.Frankenstein worked night and day to create his masterpiece, the Franken-Wa-Wa….


Photo by EddieB55

Pit Bull Frog Prince:

If you kiss a frog, it may just turn into a prince (or give you a lick on the face!)

Pit Bull Frog Prince

Photo by greenkozi

Sushi Dog:
I’ll have the kappa maki.

Sushi Dog

Photo by international friendly

Bride Of Frankenstein:
Frankenstein carries his “bride.”

Bride Of Frankenstein

Photo by RuggyBearLA

Basenji Mummy:
A yodeling Basenji, all wrapped up!

Basenji Mummy

Photo by I ? Basenjis!

Flying Ace:
“Snoopy” prepares to take on The Red Baron on top of his “Sopwith Camel!”

Flying Ace

Photo by John 3000

Poop Factory:
Embarrassing, but true.

Poop Factory

Photo by istolethetv

Pirate Chi:
I bet this little scallywag has some buried biscuit treasure!

Pirate Chi

Photo by *Kendall*

Waiting For Cinderella:
He even has a pumpkin carriage!

Waiting For Cinderella

Photo by violetsnewvintage

“Excuse me sir, do you have a license for that Kong?”


Photo by sir_mencius

Peacenik Pup:
Spreading peace, love and slobber.

Peacenik Pup

Photo by istolethetv

Maybe this dog is dressed up as a modern version of Pippi Longstocking. We’re not sure, but whatever the costume is, it sure is funny!


Photo by cagedheat3

Raked Leaves:
A Golden Retriever has the perfect fall themed Halloween costume!

Raked Leaves

Photo by A Pet Nanny Plus

Bulldog Loves Southwest Airlines:
I’m guessing this Bulldog guaranteed himself “A” seat after he was seen wearing this costume.

Southwest Bulldog

Photo by nutsaboutsouthwest

Medieval Pug:
A Pug-O-War!

Medieval Pug

Photo by angie mckaig photography

Pineapple Puppy:
“Please choose the peach, please choose the peach!”

Pineapple Puppy

Photo by Aesthete1

A black and tan Submerweenie.


Photo by istolethetv

Have You Seen Toto?:

Dorothy has developed a bad case of wrinkles…

Dorothy Pug

Photo by troy junkin stuff

Tiny Witch:
The tiniest witch!

Tiny Witch

Photo by michelle nault

Mary’s Little Frenchie Lamb:
It’s fleece was white as snow…

Frenchie Lamb

Photo by jmb1977

Super-Hero? Wrestler?:
Who is this masked dog? Does he have a secret power? Is he a wrestler? The world may never know…

Masked Dog

Photo by Mr Andrew Murray

Willie Nelson Dog:
A Golden Retriever’s costume is a tribute to Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson Dog

Photo by istolethetv

Would this guy serve as an effective guard of the gates of Hades?


Photo by fuffer

This May Not Be For Halloween….:
But it sure is a dog in costume!

Leprechaun dog

Photo by ellynkocher

Snail Costume:
Complete with antenea.

Snail Costume

Photo by lbv5000

Mr. T:
“I PIT-Y the Fool”

Mr. T Pit Bull

Photo by goldenpeacock

Pekingnese Ninja:
I get the feeling that this Ninja isn’t very stealthy.

Pek Ninja

Photo by ladybug_in_shoe

Cowboy and his Pony:
When you own a Great Dane, people always comment, “you could put a saddle on that thing!” Hence the inspiration for this Halloween costume.

Cowboy and Pony

Photo by OhBoyd

Harry Potter Pup:
The glasses really made this costume!

Harry Potter Pup

Photo by jacksonpe

Wonder Woman?:
Wonder Woman is looking a little annoyed.

Wonder Woman

Photo by stevenrockarts

Poodle In A Human Skirt:
A Poodle puppy looking snazzy in a “human” skirt.

Poodle Skirt

Photo by Sakurako Kitsa

Frenchie Royalty:
A king of a French Bulldog!

Frenchie Royalty

Photo by akahodag

Swiss Army Dog:
A Swiss Army Swiss Mountain Dog – always be prepared!

Swiss Army Dog

Photo by istolethetv

The Jester:
A Boston Terrier in a colorful Jester costume.

Boston Jester

Photo by smwarnke4

Chihuahua Mermaid:
Seashells accentuate the harness of this little dogs costume!

Chihuahua Mermaid

Photo by ozfan22

Peasant Pug:
Carries water to earn his kibble.

Peasant Pug

Photo by mysuspira

Poker Face:
He may look cute, but I bet he’s a card shark.

Card Shark

Photo by Mute* Reportage

French Toast:
Frenchie French Toast.

French Toast

Photo by Steven Michaels

Lobster Corgi:
“Don’t make any sudden moves, I think there is a crustaceon on my back…”

Lobster Corgi

Photo by dead video kid

Cool Bullmastiff:
Put a hat, glasses and a tie on a giant dog and it makes a great costume!

Cool Mastiff

Photo by chamberlain.jennifer

Elvis Dane:
This big guy is a hunka hunka burning love.

Elvis Dane

Photo by sirenbrian

A whole crew of superheros – including Underdog!


Photo by barriebarrie

Jelly Belly Dog:
I’m glad there were no licorice jelly beans included in this costume. Who likes those anyway?

Jelly Belly Dog

Photo by istolethetv

Newly Hatched Chick:
Which came first – the chicken, the egg or the dog?

Newly Hatched Chick

Photo by RuggyBearLA

Electric Pug-A-Loo:
Pug Break dancers!

Pug Breakdancers

Photo by astar328

2008 Bailout:
Political puppy costume.

2008 Bailout

Photo by carrie loves puppies

Dog Eaten By Snake:
Poor pup has been swallowed by a giant anaconda!

Dog Swallowed By Snake

Swallowed By Snake 2

Photo by lili.chin

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  1. Virginia Morgan-Burr Says:

    What a collection! The best yet! Love it – our Border collie enjoyed these.

  2. Ashley Says:

    Very cool photos, for a Halloween read staring a yellow Lab named Thuds chack out Ghostnapped!

  3. Jerry Says:

    If you liked King Louie you’ll love his rum soaked alter ego Cap’n Louie:

  4. Susan Says:

    it’s so funny, the costumes are very cool !! I love that I would like share a site with you, look these funny costumes

  5. Eric Says:

    Great site and lots of fun doggie costumes! FYI, the “Cowboy and his Pony” costume is actually an English Mastiff, NOT a Great Dane.

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