What A Mug! – 15 Photos Of Dogs Making Hillarious Faces!

September 9th, 2009 by Dan

Dogs have an elaborate system of body language and facial expressions that they use to communicate with other canines and if we pay attention to these signals, we can gain a great deal of insight as well. However, sometimes dogs just make ridiculous faces and that’s what *this* post is all about! You can’t help but laugh at the adorable and amazing expressions on the faces of these dogs!

Greyhound Sneer:

Greyhound Sneer

Photo by Grant Leavitt

Drenched Pug:

Drenched Pug

Photo by laputa

Boxer Cheeks:

Boxer Cheeks

Photo by DKivlin

Italian Greyhound Captured Mid-Yawn:

Yawning Iggy

Photo by Snutur

What BIG Eyes You Have!:

Big Eyed Dog

Photo by [JP] CorrĂȘa Carvalho – ?

Hear Me Roar!:

Hear Me Roar

Photo by *Michelle*(xena2542)-tr ying to catch up!

Muddy and Proud:

Muddy and Proud

Photo by sconky

Springing Springer Spaniel:

Springing Springer

Photo by Alan Dickson



Photo by dux_carvajal :( My 20D shutter is broken!!!

Basset Doing Elvis:

Basset Doing Elvis

Photo by Susan LeBlanc

Boxer Collision Face:

Boxer Collision Face

Photo by clairemuldoon

Huge Staffy Smile:

Huge Staffy Smile

Photo by tdeale

Did You Steal My Dentures?:

Stolen Dentures Lab

Photo by DSP (Digital Soft Paw)

Doggie Tooth Pick:

Doggie Tooth Pick

Photo by Lensational

Oooh! It’s Chilly!:

Funny Snow Face

Photo by madyson93

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