Dog News: West Virginia Town Fights Back Against BSL!

September 18th, 2009 by Dan

Last month an ordinance was proposed in the town of South Charleston, West Virginia, that would call for owners of certain breeds (Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Presa Canarios) to be registered with the town, be required to wear special red tags, allowed outside only in special enclosures or muzzled and walked on short leashes.

After receiving critical feedback from citizens of South Charleston, Mayor Frank Mullens made the wise decision to rethink the proposal and ended up removing *all* breed specific legislation. “I received a lot of information in the last few weeks that may have swayed me a little bit, I thought about it more at home, and what about those people who have had these types of dogs that have been good, loving pets for 10 years, and now because of this legislation they have to slap a muzzle on them every time they take them for a walk?”

Pit Bull

Photo by Haroldo Trombetta

The revised ordinance overwhelmingly passed, with only one naysayer- Council President Dayton Griffith. He said, “I think pit bulls and Rottweilers should be included. They do have the DNA to be aggressive.” Mullins disagrees, “The punishments and intent of the legislation is still in place. Basically what we did is we didn’t deem your dog dangerous just because of what its breed was. It has to actually show that it has that aggressive nature to it.”

The amended proposal requires that a dangerous dog (meaning a dog that has bitten, attacked or injured a person or one that has been used for fighting) follow the original standards set forth.

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