8 Reasons Not To Buy Pet Store Puppies

September 25th, 2009 by Dan

It’s easy to fall in love with a puppy, in fact it’s too easy. Profit is why the unethical practice of selling dogs in pet stores continues. People unwittingly fall in love with a small fur ball and *without thinking*, make a purchase. Sometimes these spur-of-the-moment buys work out, but many times they lead to veterinary bills, behavioral problems and heart break.

Pet Store Puppies

Photo by christienobre

It is gut-wrenching to see dogs in pet stores and they deserve our compassion and sympathy, but so do the dogs left behind in the puppy mills. Avoid patronizing stores that sell puppies and educate your friends and family to do the same. There are many wonderful, ethical pet supply stores that don’t sell dogs or better yet, hold adoption events for animals in need of homes.

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